The Ursuline Sisters founded Brescia University in 1919, and it became the first female university in Canada. This Catholic liberal arts college, located in the beautiful city of London, Ontario, is one of only a few women’s universities in Canada, and offers students a unique learning experience. Founded as a Roman Catholic institution, it has maintained its affiliation with the University of Western Ontario, and its academic programs are also accessible to men and women.

While most colleges and universities in the province are male-dominated, Brescia offers a supportive, nurturing environment for its students. With a student population of only 1,500, the college provides a small but vibrant campus community. In addition to offering a variety of diploma and bachelor’s degree programs, the college hosts a host of events for women from across the country. Many of the events are attended by representatives from other Canadian universities.

The Ursuline Sisters, who are committed to social justice and a strong faith, helped establish Brescia in 1919. As the country’s only female university, the college is home to 1,500 undergraduate students. It offers a wide range of degree programs, including information systems, hospitality management, and entrepreneurship. A large majority of its students are female, but it is also welcoming to men and other nationalities.

Brescia’s School of Leadership and Social Change (SLSC) also has an undergraduate program in leadership. Students learn about teamwork, communication, and leadership skills as they pursue their education. SLSC offers a variety of courses to help develop student leaders, and its campus is a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for both men and women.

As the only women’s university in Canada, theĀ brescia Brescia University College provides unique opportunities for women of all ages, from high schoolers to adults. In addition to academic excellence, the college encourages its students to engage in community service and become involved in their local communities. For example, they conduct public speaking contests for girls in grades 11 and 12. Additionally, Brescia holds annual Girls LEAD camps, which aim to educate young women on self-discovery, making a difference, and connecting with others.

The university is also proud to offer scholarships to qualified applicants. These are automatic and renewable in subsequent years. To qualify for a scholarship, students must meet an 80% average in five of their classes. They are offered in the fall and spring terms. Each year, 22 women are selected from 650 applicants.

Another interesting feature of Brescia is the “X-Ring” ceremony, which occurs each December on the Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier. At this ceremony, each of the 1,000 students receives an X-Ring.

In addition to its impressive history, the college also boasts an innovative approach to education. The college is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario, and its graduates receive their degrees from the University of Western Ontario. Because the College is part of a larger university, its faculty and facilities are fully accessible to all of its students.