There comes a time in every car owner’s life when it makes sense to part with their old vehicle and put cash in their pocket. It can be when you no longer have room for the car, it can no longer pass safety tests or it’s been in the garage too long and needs to go. Luckily, there’s one company in Ottawa that purchases junk cars and offers cash for them.

The first step in the process is to decide whether you want to sell your car privately or to a dealer. Private sellers may be more willing to take extra time to meet with buyers cash for cars ottawa in person and organize test drives. They also have a lower risk of running into scammers and are more likely to get payment promptly. Selling a car through a dealer also makes sense for those who are short on time and need to sell their old car quickly or for those who are looking to trade in their old car for a new one.


When you’re ready to sell your car, the process is simple and hassle-free with Clutch. They’ll offer you a fair price and you can then arrange to have the car picked up from your home or delivered to their nearby reconditioning centre in Ottawa.

They’ll drain out fluids and remove anything toxic like lead, mercury or Freon to make the car safe for recycling. They’ll then crush and shred the vehicle to separate metal from plastic and recycle it.

Location in Ottawa: The selling process is easy and fast. You can either pick up your car from a Clutch reconditioning centre in Ottawa or have it collected from your home.

Turnaround time: You’ll receive your payment within a few hours to one day after selling your car to Canada Drives. Funding methods: Payments are made electronically via EFT, which will show up in your bank account one to three business days after the transaction is complete.

Sellers have a positive experience with this online dealer: They received an instant offer, arranged for their car to be picked up, and were paid on time. However, some sellers questioned why their car wasn’t inspected before they sold it. Some were unhappy with the lowball offers they received or the lack of customer service.


Carity is an online bidding site that helps you sell a used car in Ottawa by soliciting bids from interested buyers. They have a number of locations across the country. You can also contact them to schedule a free appraisal of your vehicle.

They accept all kinds of vehicles, including foreign-made ones. They’re happy to purchase vehicles with a loan on them as well, as long as the offer you receive is more than the amount you still owe.

What sellers have to say about Carity: They praised the quick and easy selling process and the smooth buying process, though some were unhappy with their final offer or that they were offered less than they expected.